Direct Mail
Today, a very effective and frugal way to promote your business is to direct mail using colorful and descriptive postcards. This can be great way to have your prospects easily see your brand. By not requiring the receiver to actually "open a letter", they see your images and messages immediately and can make a decision regarding its importance.

Postcard mailings:

•  will help your business stay within your marketing budget. With the tight economic times we're in, any savings you can generate will immediately go to your businesses bottom line profits.
•  can contain coupons, business specials or pictures that . . .well. . . can say "1000 words or more". You've heard this saying many times I'm sure.
•  you can also require prospects or customers to bring these postcards back to you so you can track which mailings bring you the best results.
•  can save you 30% or more on postage vs sending your promotion in an envelope.

These are just a few reasons sending postcards are a great idea when mailing to prospects or customers.

We can also do a large volume a direct mail campaign using envelopes. In some cases, this is still the best way to generate more sales for your business.