Articles/Press Releases

Article marketing is a type of advertising in which short articles are written related to a business, product or service. These articles are made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace. Each article has a bio box and byline (collectively known as the resource box) that include references and contact information for the author's business. Well-written content articles released for free distribution have the potential to increase the business credibility within its market. Also it helps in attracting new clients. These articles are often syndicated by other websites, and published on multiple websites.

Press Release

A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy. Typically, they are e-mailed to assignment editors at online press release agencies. Once submitted, if they are carefully written and tied to current news of the day/week/month, they can very quickly be picked up by Google news, Yahoo News and many other news reporting agencies. This is great SEO for your website and a way to receive important 1 way authority links quickly.

The use of press releases is common with businesses today. Typically, the aim is to attract favorable media attention to the business and/or provide publicity for products or events marketed by businesses. A press release provides reporters with an information subsidy containing the basics needed to develop a news story. Press releases can announce a range of news items, such as scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, news products and services, sales and other financial data, accomplishments, etc. They are often used in generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of announcing news conferences, upcoming events or a change in corporation.

A press statement is information supplied to reporters. This is an official announcement or account of a news story that is specially prepared and issued to newspapers and other news media for them to make known to the public.