Welcome To Dove Strategic Marketing

piece-of-pieOur number one goal is to help your business get a large piece of your market and greatly increase profits. We can assist your marketing team or become your off-line and on-line marketing partner. We have marketing professionals, graphic designers, web developers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts along with many other helpful tools that will help your business move ahead of your competitors and increase market share. We will continually test and track our marketing campaigns so we can assure your long-term success. Please call 704-281-9798 for a FREE 20 minute confidential business consultation.

Dove Strategic Marketing, is highly effective in designing and implementing cutting-edge advertising and marketing campaigns that will help your business grow quickly and be successful. We have a sales and marketing team ready to assist you with all of your business marketing and sales needs.

The president of Dove Strategic Marketing, is Darrell Tyler and he brings to the company many years of experience in sales, off-line and on-line marketing and ideas about how to set-up effective business systems and processes that will help make and keep organizations successful long-term.

Please call them today at 704-281-9798 for a FREE 20 minute confidential business consultation.

Featured Products
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Strategic Planning

Helping management know where your business is, where you need to go and how to get there.

Website Development

Offering the highest quality professional design and development at low prices.


Onsite and offsite website optimization. Getting your website FREE traffic and it found easily by you prospects.

Graphic / Logo Design

We provide the highest quality graphic and logo designs for your online and offline marketing.

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Local Google Search

Getting your business listed high in the search engines so your local business prospects can find you.

Social Media Mktg

Helping you use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter to make connections with prospects.

Sales Management

We’ll help you build a winning sales team and put systems in place to keep them selling and accountable.

Testing & Tracking

The only way to effectively know what is working for your business is to test and track marketing results.